A gentle approach to pain relief, movement and recovery.

New Person Consultation

As a new person to my practice, an initial consultation is a prerequisite to all my other services. This isn’t just because I’m obligated to do it as a regulated healthcare practitioner. I like to get to know people, so I can understand how best to help them. I need to collect information about your medical history and lifestyle. I do this in two ways.

Firstly, immediately upon booking your appointment, I send you a secure online questionnaire to learn about your medical history and lifestyle. This allows me to assess whether I am the right practitioner for you and if I need to signpost or refer you to another clinician. It also helps me to prepare some relevant questions for the next part, which is a telephone or video call. 

During this call, we have an opportunity to spend time talking in detail about what you need help with and what your goals and expectations are. For some, this is just a thirty minute call, but there is no time limit. You can take as much time as you need and I will listen. Hence why this is a remote appointment – I’m at home and we aren’t restricted to the time limit of a consultation room booking.


Chiropractic Treatment

I aim to create a peaceful, calming space in which to welcome you at my practice in Angel. You are always in a neutral position during the treatment, either sitting, standing, or lying down. I use my hands to  assess the patterns of muscular tension in your body using your bones as a guide. I can then lightly manipulate or mobilize the joints to initiate a change in how the patterns of tension are expressed in the nervous system..

I also use Emmett Technique, which is designed to be used in combination with other modalities. Its light mode of application complements the gentleness of McTimoney Chiropractic perfectly. It’s a pleasant treatment to receive and can leave you feeling relaxed and more comfortable in your body.

To facilitate positive changes, I encourage clients to sense how their body feels throughout the treatment, so they are actively engaged in the process to enhance the effect. I explain what I am doing and you are free to ask questions about what is happening during the treatment.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing to your treatment session.

Somatic Movement Sessions

Motion is Lotion!

My one-to-one approach to movement coaching combines gentle somatic movement techniques and restorative, yoga-based exercises.  We create an individualised movement practice to support your healing and recovery from injury or chronic pain. Somatic Movement is a mat-based practice like Yoga and Pilates, but in contrast, the aim isn’t to strengthen or stretch muscles. The intention of somatics is to recognize and reverse the patterns of chronic tension that develop and persist in response to the emotional and physical challenges we face over the course of our lives.

In this context, somatic means the sense of connection between one’s conscious awareness and their physical body – or more simply, your experience of being in your body. Somatic Movement, a.k.a. somatics, involves the use of simple movements that engage the nervous system using a technique called pandiculation. In effect, you learn to speak to your brain using the language of movement. You learn how to assess where you are now and how much you need to do for the nervous system to engage and the lotion effect to kick in.

Somatic Movement is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or fitness. Benefits include stress relief, a feeling of well-being, a sense of grounding, and freedom of movement. I combine somatics with other gentle movement techniques like restorative, yoga-based exercises to create a unique movement practice to support your healing and recovery from chronic pain and injury. Whether your aim is to move with ease throughout your daily activities, enhance your yoga practice, or your performance in more vigorous pursuits, practicing Somatic Movement can help you.

Somatic movement sessions can take place online, in the clinic in Angel, or if the weather permits we can meet with our mats in one of the beautiful parks in Islington or neighbouring boroughs.

Pain Coaching

There’s no doubt about it – pain recovery involves learning about pain and why we hurt. People who have recovered from chronic pain have said that pain education was a key factor in their journey – a turning point. Pain coaching invites us to become curious and gain a new perspective on what chronic pain is and a clear insight into how it happens, helping us shed unhelpful beliefs. This allows us to adopt positive habits and mindsets, and find a way to rejoin a life that is meaningful and fulfilled. I say us, because I’m learning about pain too, all the time!

New knowledge dispels myths and clears the pathway, allowing you to progress in your journey toward recovery while learning the practical skills and tools you will need along the way. I can’t promise to have all the answers, but together we can begin to ask the right questions. What you need to learn will be unique to you, so the knowledge and information I share with you will always be personalised and relevant to you.

Pain coaching sessions can take place online, at the clinic in Angel, or if you prefer we can go on location to one of the beautiful squares, parks, or cafes in and around Islington. Or we can meet for a walk and talk.



“Marie is professional, warm, and well-informed, as a skilled practitioner.

I have seen many McTimoney Chiropractors over twenty years and have every confidence in Marie’s gentle and effective approach.”

~ Mark Greenaway-Robbins

“I had severe pain in my shoulder and the top of my arm about 6 years ago and was due to have surgery. I attended a few sessions with Marie and the pain disappeared within weeks. No surgery needed. I now attend every few months to avoid the problem returning. So far so good…..”

~ Bernadette Kane

“This lady is fantastic. Hurt my back badly, could barely stand straight. She sorted it out and could always relieve the tension in my neck.

Highly recommend Marie Ayres.”

~ Naomi, Fleet

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