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A gentle approach to pain relief, movement and recovery.

a personal pain care approach

Do you ever feel that pain is holding you back from doing the things in your life that you need, want and love to do? Perhaps you’ve tried a few different approaches, and now many of the things that used to help no longer work for you. Maybe you’re thinking your options are becoming fewer, and you worry about the impact pain will have on your life in the future. I want you to know you can change all of this.

Sessions with me may feel different from working with other chiropractors. I have developed a relaxed and informal way of working with people with an emphasis on support and coaching in a safe and inclusive space. I invite you to work with me to reclaim your sense of agency and get on with life again, with comfort and ease in body and mind.

McTimoney Chiropractic

The strength of the hands-on chiropractic treatment I provide lies in its gentle application. Being a light force technique, McTimoney chiropractic works within the normal range of motion of your joints, meaning there is no audible cracking or popping sound associated with some other techniques.

Chiropractic is considered a valid treatment for many musculoskeletal conditions, including back pain, sciatica, neck pain, joint pain and stiffness, and minor sports injuries

I believe the body responds to gentle therapy because it has a soothing, regulating effect on the nervous system.

I encourage you to engage with how your body feels throughout the session. Your brain and nervous system are actively involved in the process, leaving you feeling lighter, freer, and more at ease in your body.

Treating Chronic Pain

Pain acts as a safety barrier to protect us from injury. Sensitivity in our tissues triggers our protective pain system to remind us we need time to heal. For many, chiropractic and a lifestyle “MOT” are enough to facilitate and support this process. 

Chronic pain is a different story. It’s no longer an issue in the tissues, but a process occurring in the brain. The dialogue between your brain and your body contributes to this process, making the pain system more reactive. Learning to speak their language allows you to listen in on the conversation and understand the factors that are driving your pain. With this knowledge you can develop your own set of tools and strategies to influence the outcome.

A programme of gentle activity, along with your brain training tool kit, provide you with a comprehensive and personalised self-management approach to navigate your road to recovery.

Movement Coaching

Motion is lotion and moving is a powerful tool for pain recovery.

But when you’re in pain, this advice can be so frustrating to hear. For movement to be a helpful strategy, it needs to be done at the right intensity – enough load to produce the lotion effect, but not so much that the system becomes overloaded.

When it comes to  movement and pain, we need to listen to the body and engage the brain in the process.

With movement coaching, you learn to assess the right level of movement to create and sustain positive changes. No more boom and bust!

Movement is medicine, and you can learn how to use it to your advantage, even when you are in pain.

Pain is personal; your experience is unique and individual – and that is why I will treat you that way.

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PAIN…it’s personal!

I have been a McTimoney Chiropractor since 2008. Through my own experience of chronic pelvic pain (endometriosis) and after several years of seeing people with persistent pain in clinical practice, I developed a special interest in pain treatment.

Since then, I have continued to study psychology and applied neuroscience, and learn advanced skills in pain management and rehabilitation. I now work as a psychologically informed musculoskeletal and movement practitioner, helping people make sense of their pain to lessen the impact it has on their life.

My expertise is supporting people experiencing pain on their journey to recovery. I have a personalised approach to healing and pain recovery that is informed by psychology, the latest pain neuroscience, and evidence-based learning strategies and goes beyond just chiropractic and manual therapy.

It requires dedication, and I can’t guarantee any cure, but I do know for certain…

…recovery from pain is possible!

What people say

I aim to inspire people to take an active role in their recovery, to find comfort in their bodies, and feel empowered to move forward in life with confidence and ease. Here is what they say about their experience:

“You were absolutely invaluable in getting me through my pregnancy. I had pelvic girdle pain from around 16 weeks and was really beginning to struggle with the discomfort. Your expert touch definitely got me through the pregnancy without needing crutches, or becoming a lot more immobile. I still benefit from the occasional visit to you, but you worked your magic brilliantly!! Thank you…”

~ Alison, Cardiff

“Since seeing Marie just twice about low back pain and a ‘tennis elbow’…both issues are now no longer troublesome and full range of movement/strength has been restored. Marie is kind and attentive and explains everything she is doing. She has magical hands and I would recommend her to anyone with musculoskeletal problems.”

~ Milly, Marlborough

“My first appointment with Marie today since before lockdown. All the expected health and safety precautions were in place (masks, sanitiser, social distancing where possible) but nevertheless, my treatment still felt more like a wonderful beauty treatment than anything else.

Marie put me at ease the very first time I met her (years ago) and now we always have a great chat and a giggle during my treatment. I left feeling as though every bone in my body had been pampered – and the stiffness in my neck had gone!

Thanks Marie – I’m already looking forward to my next appointment.”

~ Kathy, Cardiff

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