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A gentler and wiser approach to pain, injury and recovery.

Safe and Effective

Whether you have recently tweaked your back, are affected by a recurring problem that sets you back now and then, or are dealing with a long-term chronic condition, pain isn’t just an unpleasant physical presence – work, sleep, social and physical activities can all be affected. Life gets smaller.

And yet pain is an inevitable consequence of being human. It’s a reality we all share – one in five of us lives with pain every day – yet nobody feels pain in exactly the same way. It’s personal and it makes perfect sense that your best path to recovery is one that is as individual as your own experience of pain.

My expertise is helping people with painful musculoskeletal problems to understand why they hurt, manage and overcome pain, and get back to living their lives. Sessions with me may feel different from working with other chiropractors. I have developed a relaxed and informal way of working with people with an emphasis on support and coaching in a safe and inclusive space


McTimoney Chiropractic

A light force technique, McTimoney Chiropractic works with the natural range of motion of your joints, so there is no audible cracking or popping sound associated with some other techniques.

The gentle nature of McTimoney makes it a safe treatment for anyone with painful problems such as back, neck and sciatic pain, a feeling of stiffness and pain in the joints and minor sports injuries. Folks with hEDS and hypermobile, neurodiverse and hypersensitve people will likely appreciate and respond well to McTimoney.

This relaxing treatment has a calming effect on the nervous system, easing pain and tension from the first session. You will leave feeling lighter, freer and more at ease in your body.


Treating Chronic Pain

For many people, chiropractic treatment and reassurance are enough to get them back on track to enjoying life to the full. Chronic pain is a different story that needs a comprehensive and tailored approach. 

The chronic pain management and recovery programmes I offer are informed by the latest developments in modern pain science. I will work alongside you to create a simple to follow package of learning, movement and supported self-management, tailored to your preferences and what is relevant to you.

Together we can find you a direct and safe route to a life that isn’t dominated by pain. Recovery from pain is possible.



Somatic Movement

Motion is lotion and moving is a powerful tool for pain recovery. But when movement is limited by pain,  this advice can be so frustrating to hear. It hurts to move – how can that be good for someone with pain?

With Somatic Movement, you learn to assess the right level of movement for you to create and sustain positive changes. The exercises are so gentle, anyone can learn and adapt them to their individual needs. Small movements lead to big changes – a sense of ease and more comfortable posture are the first things you’ll notice..

Movement is medicine, and you can learn how to use it to your advantage, even when you are in pain.

Light and Free

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PAIN…it’s personal!

I have been a McTimoney Chiropractor since 2008. Through my own experience of chronic pelvic pain (endometriosis) and after several years of seeing people with persistent pain in clinical practice, I developed a special interest in pain treatment.

Since then, I have continued to study psychology and applied neuroscience, and learn advanced skills in pain management and rehabilitation. I now work as a psychologically informed musculoskeletal and movement practitioner, helping people make sense of their pain to lessen the impact it has on their life.

My expertise is supporting people experiencing pain on their journey to recovery. I have a personalised approach to healing and pain recovery that is informed by psychology, the latest pain neuroscience, and evidence-based learning strategies and goes beyond just chiropractic and manual therapy.

Your experiences are unique and individual. That is why I will always treat you that way.

What people say

I aim to inspire people to take an active role in their recovery, to find comfort in their bodies, and feel empowered to move forward in life with confidence and ease. Here is what they say about their experience:

“You were absolutely invaluable in getting me through my pregnancy. I had pelvic girdle pain from around 16 weeks and was really beginning to struggle with the discomfort. Your expert touch definitely got me through the pregnancy without needing crutches, or becoming a lot more immobile. I still benefit from the occasional visit to you, but you worked your magic brilliantly!! Thank you…”

~ Alison, Cardiff

“Since seeing Marie just twice about low back pain and a ‘tennis elbow’…both issues are now no longer troublesome and full range of movement/strength has been restored. Marie is kind and attentive and explains everything she is doing. She has magical hands and I would recommend her to anyone with musculoskeletal problems.”

~ Milly, Marlborough

“My first appointment with Marie today since before lockdown. All the expected health and safety precautions were in place (masks, sanitiser, social distancing where possible) but nevertheless, my treatment still felt more like a wonderful beauty treatment than anything else.

Marie put me at ease the very first time I met her (years ago) and now we always have a great chat and a giggle during my treatment. I left feeling as though every bone in my body had been pampered – and the stiffness in my neck had gone!

Thanks Marie – I’m already looking forward to my next appointment.”

~ Kathy, Cardiff

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